ValleyTalk – Let's Talk Change

… is a talk format, initialized to reach out to a broad audience with topics that concern societal change and are driven by new technologies such as blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence. The joint project from StartupTV and Delilife is the first talk available via live stream with the aim to enlarge the accessibility of “change topics”. It will bring together representatives from politics, economy and society to discuss the most relevant and recent developments within the startup scene and its potential for change. 

Sven Scheuermeier/Unsplash


More and more new technologies are changing the way we live. Blockchain, IoT and artificial intelligence are only a few keywords standing for a transformation that rapidly changes our environment. As those “big ideas” are foreseen to have a tremendous impact on the way we live, ValleyTalk was brought to life to discuss these topics in context of relevant goals such as the Sustainable Development Goals. Issues that are reserved for a small audience consisting of event guests and experts of the scene shall find their way into the public. 


ValleyTalk wants to reach a broader audience with issues that affect the whole society but are often communicated within a niche. Change shall be discussed and analyzed. What does the startup scene hold available for us? Which change can really be achieved? Where are we aiming at socially, economically and politically? The “big ideas” of new technologies will be looked at taking into account the achievement of societal and digital goals. ValleyTalk will be a source to inspire and bring together inspired people. It will moreover be a source of knowledge.

Bilder: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash, Sven Scheuermeier/Unsplash